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Agenda? What agenda?

Seriously, a typical meeting loosely follows this format:

1)    After we all settle in and catch up on family news, we go around the table and introduce new faces, share accomplishments, awards, news and industry related rumors/gossip, and answer any questions anyone might raise about writing, the publishing industry, and the writing life.  Please, no attacks or political diatribes.

2)    Ten minutes is then alloted to each person who has a piece of writing ready to read out loud.  (We love it when Bud Goldberg gives up an Indians game to come read for us!)  Following each reading is a short period of discussion, questions, and/or CONSTRUCTIVE critique, always delivered in a kind, helpful manner.  No one will attack or dismiss your work.  We are all at different places on this writing journey, and we all have things to learn from each other, no matter if we are beginners or published.

3)    Because of time constraints and the number of people who often wish to read their work, only paid members of MCWC may read.  However, everyone is encouraged to participate in the discussion.

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